API Accreditation
API's Engine Oil Quality Marks helps consumers make discerning identification of quality engine oil for both petrol and diesel powered engines.
EELQMS Accreditation
The European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System (EELQMS) is a voluntary quality management system for automotive engine lubricants. It is designed to assist lubricant marketers in assuring the quality of their lubricants and the performance.
OEM Approval
OEM Approval Being officially certified by various renowned OEM brands speaks volume of REV-1 engine oil performance. As we write, this list is being expanded.

REV-1 Titanium SAE 0W40 API SN is approved by BMW as ‘BMW Longlife – 01’ oil


REV-1 Power Diesel Velo 705L

REV-1 REVO 805N SAE 15W40 API: CJ4/SN conform to DFS Oil Speciation 93K218
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approval_ Cummins.pdf_page_1
approval_ Daimler.pdf_page_1
approval_ Detriot Diesel.pdf_page_1
approval_ Volvo 2016.pdf_page_1

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